President, Andrea Kratzer:

Andrea received a B.A. in Studio Art and Psychology at Bucknell, and a M.Ed. In Special Education following graduate studies at the University of Virginia.  She grew up in western PA but has lived in Lewisburg for 40 years.  During Andrea's 37-year teaching career, she taught children with a range of exceptionalities in preschool and elementary programs.  She's enjoyed discovering watercolor painting and her work has been shown in local venues.  Prior to her retirement from Lewisburg Area School District, she encouraged her students to attend the Listening Post to meet new friends and work on social interaction skills.  Andrea's served on the LLP's Advisory Board for about 15 years and has served as its president since 2012. 

Treasurer, Rosaria Gabriele:

Rosaria received a B.A. in Psychology at College of St. Teresa, an MS in Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin, and a Ph.D in Counseling Psychology & Counselor Education from the University of  Wisconsin.   She retired from a career at Bucknell University in 2010 where she initially held the position of Associate Director of Psychological Services and later served as the Assistant Professor & Director of Bucknell's School Counseling Program.  Prior to her work at Bucknell, she served as a school counselor and counseling program coordinator at West High School in Wisconsin.  Rosaria currently has a private practice involving individual and couples therapy.

Rosaria has served on the LLP's Advisory Board for over 10 years and states, "Listening Post is a place where students see other students just a bit older than them modeling kindness and listening skills and through that modeling teaching about both. Modeling is strengthened when youngsters and teenagers see someone close to their own age exhibiting those skills.  In addition being heard affirms the child/teenager.  This program is a win/win in every direction and that is why I support it with enthusiasm."

Secretary, Chris Bedi: 

Chris is currently a teacher at Eichhorn Middle School.  She earned her B.S. in Special Education from Lock Haven University.  Chris earned her M.Ed from LaSalle University and her Reading Specialist and ESL Certificate from Arcadia University.  She feels that the Listening Post has been a blessing to many of her students and plays a vital role in their social and emotional development.


Marc Berg:

Marc earned his  B.A. in Elementary Education and M.A. in Sciences, Reading Education from Bloomsburg University.  His career as an educator in the Lewisburg Area School District began in 1979 and continued until his retirement in 2012.  Marc was also a member of the team of school staff, clergy, and concerned citizens in Lewisburg who established the Listening Post in 1979.  He served as a near-peer and coordinator during the first years of the LLP.  Eventually, Marc became president of the LLP's Advisory Board and served in that capacity until his retirement in 2012.  Marc returned to the LLP's Advisory Board in 2019.

Marc loved teaching and Listening Post.  He feels blessed have been part of LASD and recently returning to continue to be part of a unique program like the Listening Post.  Remarkably, Marc's been promoting the importance and continuing success of Lewisburg Listening Post for over 40 years.  He offers his deep appreciation and thanks to every donor for supporting the students of Lewisburg. 

Wendy Hummel:

Wendy earned her B.S. in Elementary Education from West Chester State College and an M.Ed. in Elementary Counselor Education from Penn State University.  In 1981, she started her career as an elementary counselor in the Selinsgrove Area School District.  About seven and a half years later, Wendy obtained a counseling position in the Lewisburg Area School District at South Ward and Kelly Elementary.  In 1994, she asked to be transferred into the classroom.  Wendy taught first, second, and third grades at Kelly for many years.  She transferred to Linntown Intermediate School in 2006 for an open fifth grade position from which she then retired at the end of the 2016-2017 school year.  While teaching at Linntown, Wendy saw the positive impact that the Listening Post provided for her students in her classroom.

Diane Pauling:

Diane received her teacher training and B.S. in Speech Communication & Theater from Millersville University and her Master of Library and Information Science at Drexel University.  She began her career in education in Lewisburg in 1997 teaching 8th grade English.  Since 2012 Diane has served two buildings in the district--Linntown Intermediate School and Eichhorn Middle School--as librarian.  Seeing how excited students get to share their feelings about books and information gives Diane insight into the valuable service the Listening Post provides for students to share what they are going through with a near-peer.